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1-1 Leadership Coaching

Eight 1-1 sessions to combat overwhelm,  crush imposter syndrome, perform at your best and have the home life you deserve.


If you’re overwhelmed at work, all areas of your life WILL be impacted!

Understand and overcome your fears to THRIVE at work, be a LOVING partner, an AWESOME parent and have TIME for the things you love.

Image by Brooke Lark

The title of “leader” or “manager” is something to be proud of. It feels like you’re doing well in your career, and you’re making an impact…right?


In truth, the title feels like a burden. Like a badge of honour you have to prove you deserve. Your inner critic tells you you’re not worthy of it, that you’re going to fail, that someone is going to see you for who you really are….an imposter!

This drains you of your confidence. You overthink and try to control everything. You hold onto menial tasks to feel productive when you should be delegating them. You feel like you need all the answers instead of leading a team of experts to come up with solutions.


It’s impacting your home life. You’re not sleeping well, you're short-tempered, and the people you love most are getting the worst of you.

You hear heart breaking statements like “where’s the man I married gone?” or “Mummy is never here, and when she is, she’s grumpy!”.

And let’s not get started on “you time”. It’s practically non-existent. When you get to the end of the day, you either pick up the laptop or collapse in front of the TV.

Stressed Man
Everything feels overwhelming...

It’s likely that you’ve attended some management training or workshops. These may have been useful in terms of skills for your job, but they didn’t address the personal feelings of self-worth you’re struggling with.


You may have had some mentoring with your manager and had positive feedback reviews. Yet still, this hasn’t been enough to alleviate the overwhelm and imposter syndrome.

Deep down, you know that something internal has to change within you, but how?


You’ve listened to podcasts, and you’ve read the latest leadership books, but it just adds to the overwhelm. It all feels too generic and not specific to the challenges you face.

Business Meeting
But you’re NOT alone and there IS a way...

As a Leadership Coach, I have 6 years of 1-1 coaching and 10 years of leadership roles under my belt. I know what it’s like to be in your shoes because I’ve been there myself.


I’ve faced imposter syndrome, overwhelm and burnout in my career to the point where I didn’t recognise the man in the mirror.

I was so far removed from the confident, playful and enthusiastic person I naturally am that something had to change.

I got a Coach.


The coaching process helped me go from a place of survival to thriving in all areas of my life.


My work flourished, my self-awareness escalated, my courage and confidence grew, my relationships strengthened, I made time for the people I love and the things I love doing, and most of all, I felt comfortable in my own skin.


Image by Razvan Chisu
but how?...

I’ve been professionally trained in some of the best coaching schools and continue to develop professionally at every opportunity.

I’ve clocked countless hours working with individuals like you to courageously lean into their uncertainty, face their fears and boldly take steps towards being a better leader at work and within all areas of life.

I’ve been professionally trained in some of the best coaching schools and continue to develop professionally at every opportunity.

Take a look below to see how my coaching process works and what you'll get:

Image by Hunters Race

Here's how it works...

  • We start with a free 1-hour Zoom to see if we’re a good fit and that the leadership package is what you need.

  • We then have eight, 1-hour Zoom sessions/calls together over the next 4 months. Ideally, 2 weeks apart.

  • You will complete the PRISM online diagnostic that will shine a light on your leadership styles, natural behaviours and blind spots. I will provide you with a 40-page report that we will unpack in one of our sessions.

  • You will complete an “Inner Critic” assessment so that we can pre-empt barriers to your progress.

  • We will get clarity on your desired outcomes for coaching and your unique barriers that hinder you.

  • We will address all areas of your work and discuss, leadership, creativity, productivity, conflict management and vulnerable communication.

  • We will address all areas of your personal life and discuss relationships, personal time, health, well-being, vulnerable communication and happiness.

  • Each session will result in actions for you to take between sessions. These will be specific to your Leadership Journey.

  • All sessions can be recorded and sent to you for your records.

  • You will have access to me between sessions through WhatsApp or Telegram.

Here's what you'll get...

  • Crush imposter syndrome by understanding where it comes from and dealing with it.

  • Say goodbye to overwhelm through prioritisation and delegation.

  • Thrive as a leader by understanding your strengths and adapting to your blind spots.

  • Communicate at a higher level within the work and home environment.

  • Balance, so you can handle your business and spend more time with your family.

  • Crack the code on transitioning between work, family, love life and “me” time.

  • Bring more aliveness, creativity, presence and connection into your work and home life.

  • Step into becoming an even more awesome parent.

  • Flourish in your relationship with your significant other.

  • Discover what “you time” is and make time for the things you love.

  • Become more courageous, and confident and see what the “real you” is made of!

let's do this!

Book a free 1-hour call where we can discuss your situation, learn about each other and decide together if you’re ready for this journey. 

my promise to you...

I’m a man of integrity, and I’ve devoted my career to improving the lives of others.


If you work with me for 4 months, fully lean into the process, do the work we agree and don’t make progress towards your goals, I’ll refund you 100%.


If you don’t enjoy the coaching process or feel we’re connecting, I’ll refund you the remainder of your investment.

My clients said...

Screenshot 2022-11-28 at 15.50.59.png

Matt – Digital Agency Leader

When I look back and remember how I was at the beginning of the year, the hole I’d cornered myself in, the pressure I’d put on myself, and no idea how to get out of it, I’d never thought I’d be where I am now in the same year.


I’m happier, more present, not distracted, enjoying work and my wife and kids have noticed a big change in me. This is all I wished for.


Kara - Assistant Head Teacher

I began working with Alex at a time when my job was overwhelming, and I was only just keeping my head above water.


With Alex's support and expertise, I have become a better version of myself; the balance I have found means I can be present for my young family and be authentically me in all areas of my life.

My offer to you

I’d love to offer you a free 1-hour session where we can dive into the areas of leadership and life you wish to address. Maybe there’s a specific problem I’ve talked about that you want to make progress removing from your life forever.


Most coaches only offer a 30-minute session, but these soon fly by with little time to make lasting changes.


I appreciate we’re all sceptical about the word “free”… what’s the catch?


The catch is that I obviously sell my coaching services, but I want to make sure the people I work with are ready and that we’re a good fit. We’ll find that out within an hour of working together.

Ready to crush imposter syndrome, and perform at your best? 

In closing, I’ve helped many leaders who felt like imposters and were overwhelmed.


They felt like an axe was always over their head and that they were going to fail, so they poured every waking moment into work or thinking about it. Their relationships were rocky, their kids resented them, they had no time for themselves, no confidence, unhealthy habits and no joy.


I’m not saying this is you, but if any aspect of it rings true, I can and want to help you turn this around.


I can’t wait to hear from you.


Here’s to your journey.


Working with Alex has been the best decision I’ve made. I’m now the

leader I want to be in all areas of my life.

Robert - Company Director
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