Firstly, thanks for checking out my bio page.


My name is Alex Bowman and I’m a Coach, a loving husband, a proud dad and I’m super passionate about physical and mental wellbeing.


I’ve had a passion for wellbeing ever since I can remember. At university, I studied sport and fitness and naturally stepped into a career in fitness. I started my career as a fitness instructor and personal trainer and then eventually, I managed a number of gyms.


As a personal trainer, I found that it wasn’t just about the prescription of exercise and the motivational techniques that kept people coming back. It was the ability to be curious about all aspects of a client’s life and realise that it’s all interlinked. 


Fast forward a decade and I’ve climbed the corporate ladder in the training and education industry and have discovered the power of coaching. Being coached challenged me to answer questions I’d never voiced, unearth my values, figure out what I love to do, express the life I truly want and, take ACTION!


It was within one of these sessions that I finally had the insight to merge all my experiences together, retrain as a life coach and create Clear Water Coaching. 


My mission is to coach people to make transformation in their lives. To help them find their purpose and transition them into a life of fullfilment. To combine the power of life coaching and health coaching to create a life of flow, passion and performance.


It feels more important than ever to share my insights as a modern day man, working in a fast paced corporate environment, being a father of a baby and a toddler, being a husband, having a separate coaching business and finding time to keep myself fit and healthy as well as enjoying life!


The more people I talk to, the more I realise people need coaching and guidance on wellbeing in their lives (whether they know it or not).


Here’s to the journey.