Sessions & Pricing

Sample Session

- Free of Charge - 

This is the first step of the coaching journey.

This is a 45 minute session where you’ll get to experience my coaching and I’ll answer any questions you have. These sessions are really important for a number of reasons. Firstly, to see if coaching is for you but also for us to establish whether we are a good fit. It’s as much about me deciding whether you are ready to take action and fit with my coaching style, as it is your decision too.


I generally do these sessions over the phone but I’m happy to meet face to face if you’re nearby.


After this session, it’s time for you to reflect about your experience and come back to me about whether you wish to hire me as your Coach.


There’s no awkward sales pitch or feelings of guilt if you don’t wish to hire me afterwards so don’t panic. My door will always be open in the future.

The coaching journey is a 3 month coaching structure for those ready to put the work in and make changes in their lives.


It’s important to note that my coaching isn’t an adhoc service.

The cost of the coaching journey is:

  • £600 if you choose to pay upfront

  • £645 if you choose to pay in 3 x £215 monthly instalments


*Please note payment will need to be in advance of each month.



These sessions are epic!


Within this 2 hour session you’ll tell me everything you think I need to know about your life. We’ll discover your values, what lights you up, where your drive comes from and where you want to go. You don’t need to have clarity on any of this. It’s my job to work with you to pull it all together.


We’ll also look into your lifestyle, health and fitness. We’ll design what level of input you want from me as mentor around improvements you can make. This can range from basic suggestions through to looking at nutrition and exercise programming.


These sessions are usually done over the phone but if you’re local, I love to do these face-to-face!

These are 1 hour sessions over the phone.

Within these sessions, we’ll dive into what’s happening in your life and focus on topics of importance to you. We’ll continue to build upon your goals. I’ll be asking you powerful questions and holding you to account to make you step up your game.


We’ll recognise negative thinking and self sabotage and deal with it head on!

We’ll check in on your lifestyle and health choices and agree changes you can make to perform at your best throughout your day.

You’ll become the unstoppable force that you were born to be!




This 1 hour session is all about celebrating your transformation and bringing your coaching journey to an end.


We’ll review where you’ve come from to what you’ve become. We’ll continue to coach within this session. By now you’ll have realised that you are the master of your own destiny and that you have everything you need for the life you want.


There are occasions where clients want to continue their journey with me as their Coach. This always humbles me and of course, we can continue your journey if it will serve you.