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1-1 Life Coaching

Coaching for career-driven parents to conquer work-life balance.


it's time to make your mark

You used to feel free. Life felt vibrant. There was freedom, fun and ease. Now you feel like the shell of a person you were or want to be. You ask yourself “what happened?”.


The path you’re on doesn’t feel right. Something is missing. You crave a life of fulfilment, drive and impact but that little voice in your head stops you dreaming. You worry it’s too late in the game to change. You feel trapped and carry the weight of all your responsibilities.

You feel helpless. You want to feel purposeful and have impact, but you don’t know where to start. You’re very aware of time flying by and you haven’t yet “started”.


But started what? You don’t want to waste time doing the “wrong thing”. You know you want to reach your full potential but the questions flood in...Where do I start? What do I do? Can I really change?

Before you know it, you’re overwhelmed, frustrated and your self worth is on the floor. Reality kicks in and you go back to the daily grind. Now you find yourself people pleasing, trying to prove yourself and looking to others for validation.


This leaves you feeling drained of self-worth. You just want to feel worthy and accepted for who you really are. You want to do the things you “want” to do rather than ticking the boxes of the things you “should” do...

It’s such a confusing, frustrating and lonely place...

It’s likely that you’ve tried self-help books and listened to podcasts but this has somehow added to the overwhelm and confusion. You’ve tried to follow the strategies they suggest but you’ve struggled to implement them.


They suggested positive affirmations, but it didn’t feel genuine to you. They suggested journaling and that stuck, for a while and then you lost sight of the point.  Each book or person gives you different advice and you keep searching for that magic formula.

You may have even invested in online programmes or workshops. These felt great in the moment, everything felt possible. Then the pressures of normal life set back in and what you learnt is a distant memory.


Everything you try seems rigid and “off the shelf”. You’re craving for someone to listen and understand what you’re going through and offer a solution that is specific to you.

But who do you talk to? You don’t necessarily want to talk to friends as you don’t want to feel judged, and you want to appear like you’ve got life handled. You don’t necessarily want to talk to your loved ones as you don’t want to appear weak or burden them with worry.


You may have tried counselling, which helped but hasn’t given you a clear vision for your future. You may have employed a life coach before, but they didn’t take you deep enough. You feel trapped and overwhelmed.

But you’re NOT alone and there IS a way...

To truly make lasting changes in your life, you need a tailored coaching relationship specific to you. This means working with a coach that has an approach that leaves no stone unturned in your life.


Where you look at the areas of your life where you feel trapped, lonely, bored and stressed. Where you confront your fears, self-sabotage and inner critic.

A coach that has your back, will hold you to account and be by your side as you take the courageous steps towards the life you want. A life of impact, balance, aliveness and joy.

A life where you can balance being a fantastic, present dad whilst being a leader in your career and vocation. 

but how?...

I’ve been in the same situation you have, as have many others. In fact, this is a very common human experience, especially for a parent. The question is are you going to step up and do something about it?


As a Professional Coach, I work with individuals who are feeling overwhelmed by parenthood. They are stressed and confused about how to be an amazing parents and be a leader in the world. I help them move to a life of clarity, balance and purpose.

My approach is unique, and it’s come to fruition by my diverse career, life experiences and certifications. I’ve been a Personal Trainer, a Tutor, an Education Specialist and now a Professional Coach, a Loving Husband and a proud Dad.


Within these capacities, I’ve clocked countless hours working with individuals to courageously lean into their uncertainty, face their fears and boldly take steps towards a better life.

I’ve been professionally trained in some of the best coaching schools and continue to develop professionally at every opportunity. Every year, I hire my own coach so that I can continue to push my own boundaries to provide the best service to my clients.


This creative mix has compounded into a coaching journey that I wish I went through as a client! 

get ready for impact!

This is a 1-2-1 coaching package that is specifically structured and tailored to you!


Over the course of 4 months, we will progress through 5 key stages:

Permission to dream
showing up & Seeing it through

We will look at your life and lifestyle, address your priorities, address procrastination and time thieves.

We will look at who you are, what your values are and where you’re out of alignment with your values.

We look at what’s missing from your life, dare to dream into a life you want and confront the negative self-talk and fear that arises.

We look at what it means to authentically live whilst taking bold actions and balancing your needs.

We continue to apply passion and drive to your life and celebrate how far you have come.

here's how it works...

The Coaching Journey consists of 8 x 1 hour Zoom sessions.


Each session is 2 weeks apart.


I will set you actions in each of our sessions that you will integrate into your work and life between each session.

There’s no need to make loads of notes on our sessions as I will send you an audio recording of each session for your reflection.


Before committing, it’s really important that we’re a “good fit”. To do this, I offer a 1-hour free call where we can discuss your situation, learn about each other and decide together if you’re ready for the journey with me as your Coach.

let's do this!

Book a free 1-hour call where we can discuss your situation, learn about each other and decide together if you’re ready for this journey. 

My amazing clients said...

Adrian 2.jpg

Adrian - Martial Arts Entrepreneur

Before I met Alex, I didn't love my job and life is too short to dedicate to things you don't love.


Alex helped me be honest with myself about how I really wanted to earn a living and see that my reasons for not doing it could all be worked out.


Building a business I love that brings joy to my customers and myself has been a priceless experience!

Justin small.jpg

Justin - Media Exec

I was frantically spinning plates, unsure how to balance in my life. I wanted a better balance across my relationships, career and personal goals, and my need for freedom on my terms; I just had no idea how.


Alex has helped me to re-discover my core values and purpose, enabling me to spin those plates in harmony, ring-fence "me time", and achieve some amazing life changes in a very short period of time. I can't recommend him enough.


Steve - Personal Trainer

I wanted a coach who would give 100%, this was clear from the start with Alex. He’s all-in!

I feel like nothing else matters to him in our sessions apart from giving value and making breakthroughs.

I have been through "The Perfect Wave" programme with Alex, and my before and after, is a story of possibility, empowerment and inner peace within myself.

My promise to you

I’ve yet to have a client that hasn’t made impactful changes. However, if during the process you decide it’s not working for you or that I’m not the coach for you then I’m not going to hold you to the rest of the sessions.


We’ll simply look at how much coaching you’ve had, deduct that from your investment and I’ll return the rest of the money to you.

Why do it now?

In closing, I just want to reiterate that life doesn’t have to be the way it is for you now. You’re not trapped, life doesn’t have to feel boring, these are not the cards you’ve been dealt. You can change your cards. You can even choose to play a different game.


If I could go back and tell my younger self to invest in coaching sooner, I would. What’s more I would happily pay 10 times the cost if I knew it would get me to where I am now.


Don’t let the fear of change and uncertainty stop you from taking action towards the life you want. Don’t let another day, month or year go by where you’re not taking ownership of your life. Don’t look back with the crushing regret that you didn’t put yourself first. You only have one life, and you deserve to live it with freedom, fulfilment, passion, drive and joy.


Why not book a free 1-hour call with me now! I promise, there’s no awkward sales pitch or feelings of guilt if you don’t wish to work with me afterwards so don’t panic. My door will always be open in the future.


Here’s to your Journey!

Weclome Page 2.jpg

let's do this!

Book a free 1-hour call where we can discuss your situation, learn about each other and decide together if you’re ready for this journey. 

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