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The Flow

The Clear Water coaching philosophy based on 4 principles

#1 clear water


For most people, our daily lives consist of moving at a million miles an hour, checking off “to do” lists and not focusing or knowing what truly matters to us. 


Many of us are just treading water, or even worse, swimming against the current of our purpose.


Our minds are like turbulent oceans with waves of thoughts and emotions crashing against us as we struggle to keep our head above water.


It's my role to help you discover what is important to you and develop your self-awareness. To create clear water in your mind so that you are calm, present and can look beneath the surface with clarity.

#2 Finding flow


There will have been times in your life where things felt effortless, like everything was right, you were happy, you were living in the moment, you didn’t want to be doing anything else, time either stood still or flew by without you realising. This is flow!


Most of us can recollect times that we fondly look back on where things were amazing. You were probably doing what you loved, your self-esteem was high and you were probably in the best physical shape of your life.  


This is generally followed by a crushing reality check that things will never be that good again. We make excuses to ourselves like: I was young, I now have kids, I don’t have time, work is too demanding, I don’t know where to start, that things will never be that good again…


You’re truly wrong! It’s my role to help you find flow in your life, gain access to it frequently and use it.

#3 The wave in every droplet


When you become more mindful and have flow in your life, this is where creativity kicks in and the ideas start to come. Imagine an idea as a droplet.


When it hits clear water, it creates ripples. These ripples can dissipate into nothing or, with the combination of energy and momentum from both of us, it can build into an unstoppable wave.

#4 The ride of your life


As your coach, it’s my role to make sure that you’re “fit to surf”.


That your body and your mind are in optimal shape.


That you catch that wave and have the ride of your life!

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